ZIS - Centre for Inclusive & Special Education

St. Johann im Pongau (A)


The Centre for Inclusive & Special Education in St. Johann im Pongau is located between Salzach and Lichtensteinklammstraße. The wooden building with open terraces facing the river, a large driveway and a sports hall on the upper floor was designed in collaboration with the colleagues from Arch. DI Reinhold Tinchon, Graz.



Housing | Kindergarten

Green Centre Linz

Green Centre

New construction of a kindergarten and residential building in the “Green Centre Linz”, including underground parking for the Graz housing cooperative (GWG). The building comprises 8 kindergarten groups and 48 residential units. A special feature of the building are the “green balconies”.

St. Peter’s Abbey

Salzburg (A)

Building in a listed building complex

The task was to convert and extensively renovate parts of the listed building complex of St. Peter’s Abbey in the listed World Heritage Site of Salzburg Old Town, or to restore it in a manner appropriate to the listed building.

planung ist eine sehr verantwortungsvolle aufgabe, sie ist basis für eine gesunde entwicklung

simon speigner

Die Serviette


oh456 cultural power plant



The oh456 cultural power plant – the new creative location on the Fuschlerache with its own small ecological power plant and photovoltaic panels on the roof. A hybrid construction of non-reinforced stamped concrete walls and cross-laminated timber panels. There is space for several individual offices on three floors, and on the ground floor there is a library, food and games, and an event room.


Architecture laboratory

An innovative heating system using clay storage heating was initiated and developed with Bioslehm, Bromberg (A). The building is regarded as an architecture laboratory where new ideas and applications can be tested. The sculptor, Wilhelm Scheruebl, has created two works as part of art-in-architecture.

Samer Mösl



While the passive house standard has long been state-of-the-art for new single-family homes, and new houses should no longer really be built any differently, convincing solutions have so far been lacking in multi-storey residential construction. The “Samer Mösl” project now provides these solutions with numerous innovative details and also proves that passive house technology is possible even under the economic constraints of non-profit housing construction, despite considerable difficulties arising from the specific conditions of the site.

Jury assessment at the State Prize for Consulting 2007

Senior citizens’ residence


Dear Simon, Many thanks for having “dropped by” in Hallein.

Gerhard Anzengruber, Mayor of Hallein


“The senior citizens’ residence offers a precise urban development solution and directs our sights towards the larger issues. It opens up part of the north-eastern quarter of the park that was previously fully occupied by the old buildings. The now closed link to the street with the ‘Ziegelstadel’ creates a bridgehead with a gateway effect.”

Excerpt from the jury’s evaluation at the 2015 Salzburg Timber Construction Award

boarding school HTK


Residential Living Weiler Moosham



ried am wolfgangsee

Wooden fire station


Sports Park


The plan was excellent, but the result was outstanding. The park blends perfectly into its surroundings! Thank you!

Franz Dobusch, Mayor of Linz

Ferrari showcase with wine cellar


Gea City Lab


Agricultural Centre

Maishofen (A)

New building

The new building planned by sps architekten on the vast Zuchtviehmarkt site in Maishofen combines several functions of the agricultural sector under one roof. It follows a concept that deliberately takes up traditional forms in order to establish a new function.

A contribution to the renewal of building in the entire region.

Roman Höllbacher



hospital Graz

South-west 1

Community centre | Fire brigade

Steinbach am Attersee (A)


“This project uses stone in its most original form for walls and roof. It demonstrates that a municipality can develop inexpensive and sustainable solutions without maintenance costs, despite a low budget. It can thus give impetus to the public and show that gabions can be used not only as a material for embankments, etc. but for much, much more.”

Jury evaluation at the PILGRAM 2016

Eco Pavilion by Stora Enso

Seefeld Tyrol

Büro Kaufmann Bausysteme


company building Wallner




Community + Health Center


Small hydroelectric power plant oh456


Power plant

The new ecological small hydroelectric power plant oh456 was built in place of a sawmill that had been in operation at this site for over 200 years. It consists of two spaced buildings, a shingled wooden structure standing in the direction of flow and an fair-faced concrete structure standing at right angles to the direction of flow, in which the turbine, a double-regulated Kaplan turbine with permanent generator, is housed. On average, electricity is generated for about 100 households per year. It is part of the oh456 cultural power plant.



residential building


Espace Mobile


residential building


hospital Graz

South-west 2

Wooden residential building – Hummel Barracks


The highest wooden residential building
in Austria